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Would you like to greatly improve your data analysis capabilities by learning the most critical non-technical skills? Do you want to be more astute and well-rounded when applying your skills as a data analyst and achieve better results? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading …..

There is an immense focus being placed on data analysis by businesses these days. It is indispensable and helps boil down decision-making to a science. This in turn lets organizations streamline their processes, increase their efficiency, and reduce their operating costs. For this reason, data analysts are in high demand. While technical skills are needed for the job, a salient focus is placed on what soft skills do the incumbent data analysts possess. A lot of data analysts do not adequately acquire these soft skills and therefore fail to realize their full potential.

The most impactful work that a highly successful data analyst does comprises non-technical skills. Some crucial skills among these include being able to construct the problem, understand the business context, ask the right questions, find creative solutions, creating visualizations, and presenting the findings. This indispensable book will guide you through these absolutely necessary soft skills that you need in order to excel at your work as a valuable data analyst. 

Here’s a preview of this fantastic book, and what else you’ll learn:

  • The critical contribution of non-technical skills in data analysis
  • Using creativity to enable solving more complex problems quickly 
  • Understanding the business to address the specific needs of enterprises 
  • Thinking strategically to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your work
  • Knowing how the human mind works to discover the abilities and limitations of various analytical models
  • Using alternative techniques compared to statistical analysis such as qualitative data analysis, analytics, heuristics, etc.,  to gain a deeper perspective
  • Acquiring negotiating skills to better deal with external and internal stakeholders
  • Learning to better communicate your data analysis insights 
  • Being a better writer to be able to better express yourself 

….. And much more!

As a key bonus, included in this book are chapters that extensively elaborate on designing your findings by means of visualizations and public speaking in order to convincingly present your finding to a group of influential people and executives.

The author understands your peculiar concerns and has therefore written this book in a clear and concise manner. The work is also thorough, relevant, and up-to-date. 

You are not required to be an experienced analyst to read this book. However, you do need to have a zeal for the subject and the passion for improving the outcome of your work.

So, if you want to dramatically improve as a data analyst and aspire to reach the zenith of your field, click “I want this book!” , and let’s get started!

I want this book!

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